Get CCNA Training in Noida with 100% Job Assistance

If you are an aspirant for the networking industry, GURUTECH ensures that you are well prepared for the job market. Graduating a CCNA course will open up opportunities as CISCO Administrator, CISCO Network Engineer, Intranet Specialist, Network analyst, and Network administrators, Network Messaging Manager, Network Operator Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Network Systems Analyst, Network Technician, Networking Manager and Solution Center Engineer. Our entire course structure is designed in a way that it will be easy for anyone to read, watch and practice.

We cover all topics under CCNA certification and provide an ideal platform to explore the more advanced features of the subject. Our CCNA course structure includes installation, functional, configuration, verification and implementation of networking connections.

When you graduate from our curriculum, you will be an expert in laying down all basic principles of networking equipment and configurations. You certainly will imbibe in a good idea relating to LAN / WAN technology.

A CCNA certification from GURUTECH will certainly land you up in a highly benefitting job profile. Join this course and wake up the dormant network within you.

Benefits and Advantages of CCNA Traning in Noida

  •  GURUTECH CCNA Online/Offline training is available for those who don’t have enough time to attend the classes offline and waste their times for travelling to join the classes. Just the slight attention and dedication can make attendee’s life as a successful as a  CCNA trained and a step ahead to begin a success for future in CCNA, We support to get success step by step on the cost to just pay a while attention to subjective class.
  •  GURUTECH Online/Offline Training is well established and designed for perfect tech and subjective support, when you are looking for any virtual classes, you are bound to get just the one you desire without any hard work.
  • Get a brand name as GURUTECH Online/Offline Tutor Online/Offline Training to earn a trust and Confidence to become CCNA. Open your door for Santa at your doorstep with gift of CCNA Online/Offline Training, We have one of the best trainer for Online/Offline training courses to Worldwide which establish in Delhi.
  •  A very trusted and popular brand name as GURUTECH Online/Offline Training. We  provides CCNA Online/Offline Training at your doorstep, it is one of the best Training Institute known for its services in giving Online/Offline and Offline training courses worldwide from Delhi India.
  • Course Duration                            : 72 Hrs.
  • Instructor                                         : Satish Kumar
  • Practical Probation                       : 40 Hrs.
  • Server Access                                  : 02 Months
  • Real Time Senarios                       : Available
  • Support                                              : One Year Subjective
  • Membership Expr                          : Life Time
  • Reclasses Support                          : One More Free in One Year Tenure            
  • Eligible Candidate                          : Any One Willing to Do

How GURUTECH CCNA Training in Noida Works for Me.

GURUTECH learning process in CCNA is quite simple learning. We includes very simple training includes PPT, Daily Subject Materials and Online/Offline Supports. They step-up with a very simple Learning Track about the with its key developments points. After this, they continue on introducing new concepts so that the student grasps the ideas one by one. You will be ready to create your own code in short span of time. This Online/Offline courses are especially helpful for beginners who can take them at their own pace, spending 1-2 hours every day.

CCNA Certification Exam

We are exclusively giving the training through Online/Offline for CCNA exam. Mostly the exams are cleared by all of our students. You can book the token for this exam in two months if you spend around 1.5 hours every day with full concentration. The only thing you need to do attention when you are in the training. We can provide you with all the necessary details you need to know while getting ready to the exam, as it not only discusses problems but gives you real world examples to deal with which is different from book learning.

What requisite I need to continue

Advantage to have knowledge of CCNA, any one in particular before you can begin your CCNA training. The reason for this is that you should have a know-how of the features and programs of the language and how it generally works. It is not really a compulsion to have worked as an IT professional before you start your training, as you can always learn but it does go without saying that experienced people do have an edge. However, don’t give up, you never know how successful your training might turn out to be!

WHY CCNA need for me 

NOW a day’s CCNA occupy with 70% of IT INDUSTRY for all around the World and being a highly demanded area for getting jobs, so run with world about getting the right job for yourself. One of the most popular CCNA Online/Offline training in India include the GURUTECH Online/Offline Tutor Online/Offline/ Offline  Training which offer education Online/Offline as well as in classrooms. It is entirely up to you how you choose to your accurate course, with the best faculties or instructor available for CCNA Online/Offline training classes you are bound to have a successful career.


  • IPV4 Saving Techniques
  • Cisco Router Introduction Theory
  • IP ROUTING Theory
  • OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First )Theory
  • Type of Tables in OSPF
  • Helpful Command use in LAB
  • EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)Theory:
  • Helpful Command use in LAB
  • Describe following terms:
  • Packet Filtering via ACL
  • NTP
  • LAN Switching Technology
  • Bridge its Function
  • VLAN its Advantage
  • STP Convergence Components
  • STP Convergence Steps:
  • Network Device Security Configure and verify network device security features such as
  • WAN Technologies
  • Introduction of PPP its feature
  • Frame-Relay logical Topologies
  • Ipv6
  • Ipv6 addressing
  • Ipv6 packet type
  • OSI (Open System Interconnection) TCP/IP