The courses available for WMS aspirants are classroom based courses in warehouse management that make one familiar with all the fundamentals and working of warehouse management system, in the most acknowledged way. Integration of various functional units is introduced to candidates in the 5 days course training process.

The topics covered in this course are given as below:

  • Fundamental knowledge of the different functional units of the warehouse management system.
  • Configuring of interfaces between Inventory Management application tools and warehouse management.
  • Getting into the processes of batch management and quality management in the warehouse.
  • Knowledge of the delivery processes related to warehouses.
  • The working components of warehouse management.
  • Regular monitoring of warehousing activity through smartly designed instruments.
  • Inventory management at the storage bin level, and so forth.

The course is for the people who are still using the components of SAP R/3 or are aiming to become project team members and consultants in their respective fields.


SAP WMS is a very productive business tool and organizations are now hiring certified professionals to satisfy their warehouse management needs through smarter and more interactive tools of stock management. For the best profit output of any company, a capable management of inventory stock details is very important, and requires the expertise of skilled professionals in the field. With the widening scope of this SAP module, course aspirants can look forward to good positions and salary packages in companies having a SAP Warehouse Management System