Advanced Upgraded MS Office Training Course Summarization...


This course is produced for those students who wish to study numerous advance MS Word. Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook features. 
By the end of this training, the students will be able to use advance features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in an office
environment with maximum efficiency as well as the most important office applications which are extremely useful in secretarial 
routine and office administrative work. 

It is one of the vital skills that the company seeks for in your resume. Build up your career with computer skills. LearnersPoint 
is here to assist you in building and developing your career. This course is the initial step in IT education and programing.

Microsoft Office has come with renovated and new features for all the applications included in this package. Among Word, PowerPoint
and Excel this pack integrates some other utilities such as Outlook. All the programs come with a renovated ribbon interface and a 
backstage view which are particularly of this version.