LED Classroom Training Periods
Multisoft’s Instructor with LED Classroom Training is a live training by the domain expert Instructor or consultants. The physical
presence of both the consultants and the trainee provides an opportunity for direct interaction. This envoirment facilitates in 
creating constructive dialogue and allows the participants to gain additional guidance and useful tracks. Students and working 
professionals can register themselves for classroom training and observation, depending on each and every course’s eligibility 

Batch strength
Smaller batch sizes allow the trainer to understand the skill level of each attendee and accordingly maintain right pace of 
training of knowledge.

Best learning And Practice environment
The group of individuals with close-to similar professional interests can follow structured learning and be benefited with 
others knowledge.

Instant problem resolving
An interactive session full of examples, exercises, project based learning builds a great peer group that facilitates quicker 
problem solving.

Every time learning
Evaluate and improvise your learning round the clock through the provided study material, training videos, sample assessments, 
mock tests.