Campus Training And Practice
EduGuruTech offers a broad area of courses and trainings preparing the students to begin their professional career with bright future. 
The trainings can be conducted and organiged at the institute premises or any other location or area through domain experts having
an eye on the industrial development. Customization of courseware and flexibility and reachability in schedule are add-on features for the smooth transition 
of campus training. Participants of our 180 Days and 5/6 weeks industrial training workshops gain exposure to work challenges and their effective solutions.

Requirements For Running The Training Program At The College Campus And Universities


Indovisionprovides training to the students in the advance fields which require ample peer to peer rapport from thestudents. 
A good healthy environment will enhance understanding of the subject. So for the class room and Lab, here are some requirements 
from our side in the benefit of students. 

Class Room equipped with the LCD or LED Projector.
Microphone and Speaker.
Computer Lab of 50+ Nodes. ( Actual figure depends on No. of Students and the fields selected)
Timing of the class will be decided after proper discussion and healthy conversation with College Administration.
Classes will require LCD Projector and separate computer node for lab work for better understanding.
2 Certificates, One for Industrial Training and Separate certificate for project work.
Participating students are welcome to our corporate office for training with discounts and free project assistance with equipment.